WatchCare Ministry

At Tameka Shelone Ministries International (TSMI), we offer a chance to join our WatchCare Ministry (WCM), an online community, which provides spiritual covering, accountability, counsel, and guidance to those who are unchurched, untaught, unsure, uncovered, in between churches, or in transition. We take your spiritual growth and personal development seriously. 

Our WCM E-membership is designed to keep you spiritually connected until God provides you a Shepherd in your local region. We will provide online biblical teachings to the new and mature believer, and weekly prayer connections to enrich your spiritual connection to God. As an E-member, you have an opportunity to join Evangelist Tameka monthly for biblical teaching, preaching and instruction LIVE on Facebook and Periscope. Corporate prayer is weekly at 6am EST. Baptism and communion are also available. 

Upon joining by WatchCare, you will be assigned a WatchCare Ambassador who will be your personal connection to the ministry. We are delighted to serve as your WatchCare covering!

To join our E-family, click “contact us” below.