“You’re the key player in your life. Let me coach you.” – Coach T


“Your BEST LIFE begins with a single step in the right direction – FORWARD!”Tameka Shelone

Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship between coach and client that helps you move from where you are to where you’re destined to be. Coach T provides life changing personal, professional, spiritual, and business coaching to women, and couples coaching to seriously dating, engaged, and married couples. As your coach, she provides instruction, direction, gives spiritual counsel, and motivates you to move forward; she works with you to devise an action plan and hold you accountable for your change. If there is an area of coaching that we do not currently cover, we have a referral list of other certified coaches for you. Tameka provides coaching and counseling services from a Christian worldview

Coach T is a certified life and relationship coach, trained marriage and family counselor, professional speaker, and licensed minister with more than 15 years in the personal development field. She is a personable, passionate, and proficient professional who enjoys working with clients and providing strategies to help them live their best life. Coach T is not a licensed therapists and does not operate in this capacity; referrals available. 


“From our initial consultation phone call, Coach T was very warm and made me feel extremely comfortable about opening up to her about my life and the areas that I needed to work on. We ended up going over the initial allotted time the first time we met! Coach T has proven to me how genuine she is and dedicated to helping her clients. The encouragement and spiritual advisement really helped me in all areas of my life. Coach T’s abilities are second to none, and she treats you like the beautiful soul you really are. She will do whatever is necessary to make sure that you are taken care of. Today I am more excited about my future and I feel more of a sense of purpose. I would definitely recommend Coach T. She is great at finding ways to make you think more deeply about your life’s purpose moving forward.” -S. Waller

“The tools Coach T provided gave me the necessary push to get unstuck. I feel empowered to do what I was created/purposed for. I. AM. UNSTOPPABLE.” -R. Ball (From Unstuck to Unstoppable Program)

“Your sessions were life changing! Thank you for your amazing coaching and prayers.” -L. Staton (From Unstuck to Unstoppable Program)


Tameka offers private 1:1 and group coaching to women and couples. Our coaching programs are designed to help you focus, get clear, and devise an action plan that will get you unstuck and moving forward towards your goal. As a client, you are responsible for doing the work necessary to produce the best results for your expected outcome. As the coach, Coach T is here to mentor, motivate, and hold you accountable to accomplish the desired goal.  


From Unstuck to Unstoppable Coaching Program – 6 weeks ($397)
In this program, you will learn strategies to help you get unstuck, gain clarity, get moving, and reach your desired goals in any area of your life. This program allows you additional time to work through your goals and action plan with the support of your coach . Workbook included.

Mastering Marriage Before iDo – 6 sessions ($397)
This program is designed to provide marriage education and help prepare seriously dating and engaged couples for marriage. This program requires a 8-session commitment covering topics such as Christ and Marriage, Communication, Conflict Management, Couple Dynamics and Expectations, and more.

Mastering Marriage After iDo Program is specifically designed for couples within their first three years of marriage. It requires a 12-month commitment, checking in with Tameka once a month for 90 minutes to discuss the current state of your marriage and cover any areas of concerns. The investment for this program is $997Payment plan available.

You’re the key player in your LIFE – let me COACH you! 

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Clients do best with a commitment to a coaching package. Much can be gained in just one coaching session; however, in order to really make meaningful life changes, we recommend that you commit to working with Coach T for a minimum of 3 months to maximize your success potential. Packages are designed with the committed client in mind!



Private Individual Session: $125

This is a one-hour clarity and strategy session to help you work on your goals and devise a strategic action plan to reach them. Clients needing a boost to help them refocus and get moving and also schedule using this option.

Bronze Package: $397

This package includes six highly impactful clarity and strategy sessions that allow you to work through your goals and connect with your coach weekly or bi-weekly. Email communication also available between sessions.

Silver Package: $497 

This package includes nine highly impactful clarity and strategy sessions that allows you to work through your goals at a slower pace and connect with your coach weekly or bi-weekly. Email communication available between sessions.

Gold Package: $697 

This package includes twelve highly impactful clarity and strategy sessions that allows you to work through your goals at a slower pace and connect with your coach weekly or bi-weekly. Email communication available between sessions.

*Inquire about payment plans for packages.

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