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Couples Coaching and Counseling

50% of marriages end in divorce – that will NOT be you!
“Therefore, what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Mark 10:9

Many couples are unprepared for marriage. How are you prepared to handle the demands and challenges of marriage after the wedding and honeymoon are over? It is imperative for couples to invest in the overall success of their relationship and marriage. Tameka offers the Prepare/Enrich Program and Mastering Marriage Counseling Program to seriously dating, engaged, and married couples. These programs seeks to empower, educate, and engage couples who are committed to the growing their relationship and increasing couple satisfaction.

Each of the programs are designed to divorce-proof marriages by bringing awareness, providing understanding, and teaching the necessary skills to assist couples on their journey to healthy, life-long relationships and successful marriages. The primary tool used is a personalized assessment tool used to assess the health of the couples’ relationship. As the couple’s coach and counselor, feedback of the results is provided and the couple has the option to continue the coach/counselor relationship with a minimum of four follow-up sessions teaching critical relationship building skills. Some couples may require additional sessions, which are available depending on the couple’s needs. 

The Prepare/Enrich Program (PEP) assesses and teaches various skills such as communication and conflict resolution. The assessment report provides feedback regarding partner styles and habits, financial management, leisure activities, sexual expectations, family and friends, relationship roles, spiritual beliefs, marriage expectations, parenting expectations, and more. Because the assessment is customized based on the couple’s unique background, it also provides feedback in areas such as blended families, cultural and ethnic differences, and older couples issues. Couples work through related skill building exercises to strengthen their relationships and improve in their growth areas.

The Mastering Marriage Program (MMP) is specifically designed for couples within their first year of marriage. It requires a 12-month commitment, checking in with Tameka once a month for 90 minutes.

We believe in the covenant of marriage and doing marriage the Master’s way!

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